Can you just be gentle?

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She is usually a sophomore in the student union with a freshman dormitory Responsible for daily questions

She is usually a sophomore in the student union with a freshman dormitory Responsible for daily questions and answers as well as professional learning Shu Rou was assigned to a four-person bedroom The little girls are all outsiders and they have a great longing for the famous school and the trump card major in the rumor When they learned that Shurou was ranked in the comprehensive Pesticides results of freshman year they were even more starry and they were particularly sweet After chatting intermittently on Wechat for two or three days the school girls asked if they could take them to visit the campus Shu Rou thought about it and asked them if it was convenient for them to come out now Senior sister! Freshmen are still in military training four people wearing camouflage clothes standing in the shade of trees not far away very eye-catching waving to her with a bright face Shurou walked over quickly and pulled her hair behind her ear "Have you been waiting long" "No no we've just arrived" Another school sister said "have you eaten yet" Shu Rou nodded "Yes" "So where do we start" Shu Rou pointed behind her and said "Let's go to the department first" She roughly planned the route on the way here I've only been to the first floor and the second floor He said quietly "What are there in the department hall" A group of people walked and chatted The book briefly talks about the location of the model room the freshman college and the department library When you look up the blue and white architecture department library stands in front of you A whole side of bright blue transparent glass shines in the sun You have to raise your neck to see the top Tongcheng University as an old engineering school has complete and advanced hardware facilities and the department hall can basically meet the needs of students for daily or competitive use The disadvantage is that the library is not open to the public every Monday and Wednesday and there are few books Shurou took them up the stairs "If you want to borrow books you can go to the Academy of Fine Arts or Zhongtu" The school girls followed behind Shu Rou looking around and nodding their heads hurriedly "You don't have to be so stiff" said Shu Rou with a faint smile After all many people say that this is our second home Class drawing exhibition communication staying up all night Apart from the lack of a canteen the function of the department hall can be said to be the most complete in Tongda The nearest print shop is also very inconvenient and the campus is basically closed at eight o'clock Shurou said "You can consider buying printers and scanners with class fees" "Uh-huh" Nodding quietly he buried his head in the memo Shurou waited patiently for her to finish typing before continuing with the introduction Strolling to the eighth floor after seeing the open-air platform Shurou led them downstairs by elevator When I came up because I had to see some classrooms it was more convenient to take the stairs You can go down and relax "Ding" the elevator door opened in front of us Shu Rou walked for a while and lifted her feet to go out without looking at the road Then I noticed someone outside the door The other side took a slight step back to avoid collision But not too far back Shurou was stunned for half a second and subconsciously retraced her steps GlobalChemMall But at this time the elevator door just closed and the sound of starting was very frightening The school girls behind her let out an exclamation of surprise the book was too soft to react and suddenly stretched out a hand in front of her and blocked it for her The heavy metal doors parted slowly behind them She tried to look up but the tip of her nose just touched his chest It belongs to Tang Yiheng's clear and cold breath Come to my face The author has something to say That's close enough Super Breakthrough (Proud) Qiuqiu everyone comes here every day Let's catch up with the updates and chat about how fast the duck falls Chapter 5 Sister If I had known I wouldn't have looked up Shu Rou moved to the side gloomily and whispered "Thank you" What a coincidence! You're here too I felt that I was so clumsy just now If you get caught in the elevator It probably has the same comic effect as "head caught in a door" The two embarrassments were all in front of acquaintances Tang Yiheng gave a "hum" Do you come to study by yourself Out of politeness Shurou opened her mouth and exchanged greetings There was another "hmm" An insouciant tone It was slightly low because it came from the throat Shurou felt that he was a little absent-minded I wondered if it would be better to leave now Following his line of sight I found that he seemed to be looking at himself Only then did he realize that he was in the Pesticide Adjuvants way and hurriedly went to the side to give up the space "Well let's go first" ” Several school girls who were stunned in the elevator heard this and quickly came out Senior sister if you have something to say we will wait for you on the sofa over there Take your time and don't worry! Quietly hurriedly dropped this sentence pulling the other three people to run faster than the rabbit Leave the book soft and messy in situ It didn't seem urgent so Tang Yiheng didn't worry about delaying her "What are you going to do" "I'll familiarize them with the school" Shu Rou said Oh "Tang Yiheng nodded and answered lightly looking ready to go" The book soft inexplicably breathed a sigh of relief the next second he suddenly approached with a very light voice in her ear said "Next time also take me to get familiar with ah" "Sister-" His voice is low Shurou could even feel the gentle vibration of his Adam's apple A faint breath brushed the tip of her ear Did she mishear Tang Yiheng How to call her sister It's like acting like a spoiled child Startled by his own ideas Shurou hurriedly diverted his attention but no matter which direction he looked there was always him in his field of vision Finally stare at the pattern on the floor tile in a daze Taking a panoramic view of her small movements Tang Yiheng seemed to finally get the reaction he wanted and raised the corners of his mouth with a little pleasure "That's settled" Shurou "Didn't you come here" They graduated from Tongcheng No1 Middle School which is very close to Tongda The school organized a visit when they visited the third year of senior high school And it is said that Tang Yiheng has been studying in the central library here since he was in high school Tang Yiheng said carelessly "I'm not familiar with it" Glancing over with some laziness her eyes swept her questions back lightly Oh That's good Shu Rou said