Bone-devouring appointment, my ghost husband

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I managed to squeeze out a smile, hurriedly walked to the side of Lan, a bow, suddenly stunned. Isn't the girl

I managed to squeeze out a smile, hurriedly walked to the side of Lan, a bow, suddenly stunned. Isn't the girl in front of you the daughter of a rich family that you met at the door of Xu Yifan? "Hello, I'm Lang Han!" She didn't seem surprised. She stood up with a calm face and held out her hand to me with a smile. I was stupefied, temporarily unable to react to come over, to Lan hurriedly poked me: "Youyou, what are you doing?"? They're shaking hands with you! I hesitated for a moment, then reached out and held Lang Han's hand gently. Lang Han's hands are very beautiful, and her fingers are long and thin. To use a very vulgar old saying, it is "weak and boneless". Compared with the shortness of my five fingers, I suddenly felt a little embarrassed and quickly withdrew my hand. Miss Liang, we are about the same age. Do you mind if I call you Youyou? Lang Han smiled very brightly. Looking at her harmless appearance, and recalling Xu Yifan's previous evaluation of her, my heart is very contradictory, do not know what kind of attitude to treat her. Lang, Miss Lang, of course! Although I felt a little uncomfortable, I tried to squeeze out a smile and said softly. "Don't call me Miss. I'm a stranger. Just call me Lang Han!" Still smiling, she turned her head and clapped her hands behind her. "Serve!" With that, he sat down first. I still didn't come to my senses. Xiang Lan pulled me quickly and whispered excitedly: "Youyou, I'm really sorry. Even I misunderstood your relationship with Jacky." Now that her fiancee has come out, she will issue a notice tomorrow to explain the misunderstanding. You don't have to cover it up so tightly! After she reminded me, I reacted and quickly took off my hat and mask, looking very embarrassed. Lang Han smiled and said softly, "I told Xiang Lan just now that we didn't make our relationship public because of Jacky's idol status!"! As a result, there was such a misunderstanding that you were wronged. I'm really sorry! Hearing this, I suddenly felt a little creepy. What she said was a completely different version, which made me feel speechless. Youyou, what's the matter? Are you still angry with me and Chenyi? Lang Han frowned and asked cautiously. No, no.. I hardly knew how to speak to her, so I forced a smile. At this time, the food began to be served outside, and the delicately arranged sashimi and sushi were served one by one, and soon more than a dozen dishes were served. Xiang Lan, who was always nervous, obviously didn't notice my ugly face. She swallowed her saliva, picked up her chopsticks, and asked with a smile, "Can you eat it?" "Be my guest!" Lang Han answered politely. Wow, then I don't care about you! Said, Xiang Lan picked up a piece of sushi and stuffed it into his mouth, "really delicious, this taste is too positive, worthy of the top ten Japanese restaurants in the country.." Seeing her innocent and innocent appearance, I couldn't help sighing in my heart, collapsible pallet box ,plastic bulk containers, Xiang Lan, why don't you grow a mind and let you go? "Yoyo!" Just then, Lang Han suddenly looked up at me, "accompany me to the bathroom!" Seeing the sparkle in her eyes, I turned my head and took a look at Xiang Lan, who was wolfing down her food. I gritted my teeth and nodded gently. To my surprise, Lang Han did not take me to the bathroom, but turned around and went to another private room. Since Xiang Lan was no longer here, I didn't have to pretend, so I asked bluntly, "What do you mean by robbing my friend here?" "Robbery?" Hearing this, Lang Han, who had his back to him, shrugged his shoulders and slowly turned around with a very innocent expression on his face. "Youyou, why do you say so badly?"? You are a friend of Chenyi, that is, my friend. What's wrong with helping you to be the host? Her voice was soft and soft, without a trace of lethality. Of course, I couldn't raise my voice, so I had to straighten up and answer with a serious face: "Lang Han, I'm very happy that you treat me as a friend. Xiang Lan just came to G City to play with me. She doesn't know anything. Why don't you let her go back to the hotel first? Let's talk about the rest slowly, OK?" Hearing this, Lang Han's mouth slowly raised a smile: "Youyou, what are you talking about?"? Didn't I just pick up a friend for you? As for you. "Forget it, if you don't check me, how can you know that Xiang Lan will come today?" I curled my lips, "Lang Han, we are all adults, just open up and speak!" Lang Han's face suddenly changed. She sat down at the table and pointed to the opposite seat. "Sit down first!" I nodded and sat down calmly. Do you know why I'm looking for you? Lang Han raised his eyebrows and asked with a haughty face. Sure enough, just now the pitiful, gentle and courteous is just an illusion. I breathed a sigh of relief. In that case, it would be much easier. So I raised my head and said with a sneer, "Of course I know!"! It's just because I'm jealous! An Chenyi won't let you see him, but you stay with me every day. Can you not worry? My words seemed to hit Lang Han's sore spot. She frowned with a trace of anger in her eyes: "Hum, how can I be jealous because of you?" "Goods?" I tugged at the corners of my mouth, repeated the two words, put my chin on my hand, and said with an expressionless face, "Do you want to know what the man you love has done with me?" Lang Han was stupefied. Suddenly his eyes widened and he gnashed his teeth and asked, "What do you mean by that?" I curled my lips, deliberately rolled my eyes, and said solemnly, "Let me think about it. You've gone to so much trouble to get me here. First, you must want to warn me to stay away from Anchen Yi. Second, you want to find out what he did when he was alone with me.." I deliberately said this slowly, although I didn't look at Lang Han, but out of the corner of my eye I kept glancing at her. Her face became more and more ugly, her eyebrows, which were beautifully tattooed,collapsible bulk containers, were twisted into a ball, and there was an expression of frustration on her face, but the disgust in her eyes became stronger and stronger.