Comprehensively wear the natural phoenix destiny

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"Well, I'll go first." Cui's mother and Fu Qian put the luggage of the two brothers and sisters into the trunk

"Well, I'll go first." Cui's mother and Fu Qian put the luggage of the two brothers and sisters into the trunk together, and told Cui Hero a few words: "Hero, you are the biggest here. Remember to take good care of your sister and Ying Ying. Don't let them be bullied, do you know?" "I know, Mom, I won't have to tell you." Hero Cui pulled out his ears, curled his lips and looked very impatient. As a result, he got a dose of iron sand palm from Cui's mother. Cui's mother slapped him on the head and said, "You boy, be obedient." "Poof." Cui Xinai and Fu Ying are laughing. Hero Cui glared at the two men in secret. All right, get in the car, or you'll miss the plane. "Mom, I'm leaving." "Goodbye, Aunt Cui." After they left, Cui's mother also drove to the new store to attend the opening ceremony of the new store. Fu Qian sent the three people all the way to the airport and watched them check in and board the plane before he felt a little relieved. The plane soon arrived in M country. Three people got off the plane. Hero Cui pushed the luggage cart. Seeing Cui Xinai walking without looking at the road, he kept looking around and said, "Xinai,Nail machine manufacturer, be careful. Don't look at the road. Be careful of hitting people." Cui Xinai turned around and made a grimace: "I know, smelly brother, you are the one. Take good care of Yingying's sister." Hero Cui's earlobe turned red. He stared at Cui Xinai and said, "What are you talking about, smelly girl?" With these words, he carefully glanced at Fu Ying beside him. Fu Ying was wearing a cap with a low brim and sunglasses, which made people unable to see her face clearly. Because she was calling Fu Qian,Automatic nail machine, she did not hear the words of Cui Xinai and Cui Hero. She also found that Cui Hero was peeking at her. Cui Hero was relieved and somewhat disappointed. Well, brother, you can rest assured that I will take care of myself and love them. Well, well, I know. Okay, goodbye. "Ying Ying, is that Brother Fu's phone?" Hero Cui asked. Well, yes, my brother asked me to call him as soon as I got off the plane. If I didn't call him, maybe he would come to M country regardless. Thinking of this possibility, Fu Ying could not help but smile and bend her eyes. Brother Fu is really good to Sister Yingying. He doesn't look like someone who only knows how to oppose me. Said, Cui Xinai also deliberately glanced at Cui hero. Hero Cui's eyebrows jumped and he rolled his eyes angrily. "Am I against you?" He asked? You have been bullying me! Now the villain has filed a complaint first. I really want to show my mother your face and let her know the true face of the good daughter in her mind. "You have the ability to say ah, see mother believe you or believe me ~" Cui Xinai raised his eyebrows. All right, Nail Making Machine price ,Nail machine manufacturer, why do you bicker when you are together, just like two small firecrackers, ha ha. Fu Ying laughed happily. Talking and laughing, the three of them walked out of the airport and took a taxi to the Fujia Hotel in M country. The Fujia Hotel has always taken the middle and high-grade route. The Fujia Hotel located in M country is one of the few top hotels in M country. The hotel manager was waiting outside early. As soon as he saw three young girls coming, he immediately greeted them: "Excuse me, are they Miss Fu Ying and Miss Cui?" Fu Ying nodded and said, "Yes, is our room ready?" "Don't worry, Miss. Everything is ready. Please come with me." The manager's attitude was very low. He knew that one of the three people this time was the daughter of the chairman of the Fu Family International. It was the daughter of the Fu Family that the general manager and the chairman had called to take good care of. Naturally, he was extremely careful. The manager led the three people to the top floor by elevator. He took out the room card and opened the door of the room. He handed the room card to Fu Ying and said, "Miss, this is your room. If you have something to do, please inform me. I will send the luggage to you later. Then I will go down first." Chapter 119 Green Plum and Bamboo Horse Eight. When the three of them entered the room, Cui Xinai looked at the huge and luxurious living room in shock. "Wow, is this the presidential suite?"? I didn't expect to be able to stay in the presidential suite one day. It's really great = V = ~ "Is it necessary to look at you, a worthless man?" Hero Cui despises. Cui Xinai snorted and squinted at Hero Cui: "It seems that someone is very calm.". ” Fu Ying thought that she didn't see the two brothers and sisters face each other again. She looked around and was very satisfied with the place: "Xin Ai, hero, you can choose a room by yourself. We will live here these two days. We will not go back until the end of Xin Ai's competition. We must be tired after such a long flight. Go to have a rest first and recover from jet lag by the way. Otherwise, it will be easy to affect our performance if we don't have enough rest in a few days." "All right ~" Cui Xinai raised his hands in agreement, cheered, and took the lead in choosing a room to run in. Hero Cui also found a room to rest. Last night, I was too excited to sleep well. Today, I didn't sleep on the plane. Now, naturally, I can't endure it. Brother and sister almost fell asleep on the bed after taking a bath. On the contrary, Fu Ying, because she slept well last night and had a deep internal force, was not tired at all after sitting on the plane for so long. Fu Ying, unlike Cui's brother and sister, brought a lot of things in order to come to M country. She squeezed a cup of fresh orange juice for herself and sat down to drink and read magazines while waiting for them to wake up. When Cui Yingxiong and Cui Xinai woke up after a full sleep, it was already ten o'clock in the evening, and most of the fatigue before had been eliminated. When they came to the living room, they saw Fu Ying wearing thick gloves and carrying a porcelain pot out of the kitchen. Wow, sister Ying Ying, what did you do that smells so good? Cui Xinai rushed over to see that it was porridge with preserved eggs and lean meat. Cui Xinai can make porridge with preserved eggs and lean meat into a top delicacy, not to mention how much she worships Fu Ying. Hero Cui followed, smelling the fragrance and quietly swallowing saliva. Ying Ying, why don't you have a rest? Fu Ying took off her apron and beckoned Cui Xinai to get the bowls and chopsticks. She said to Cui Yingxiong, "I had a rest just now, so I'm not tired now. I was going to call you later, but I didn't expect you to get up so coincidentally. Let's eat quickly and go out for a walk after eating." Cui Yingxiong helped them fill the porridge,wire nail machine manufacturers, three people hula to drink all the porridge, Cui Yingxiong and Cui Xinai two people consciously clean the table and wash the dishes. When the three of them cleaned up, Fu Ying picked up the small bag and beckoned them to go out together.