Begonias idle wife

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Shen Ma was so anxious that she gestured fiercely beside her. Begonia sighed and asked her to say that it was really awkward.

Shen Ma was so anxious that she gestured fiercely beside her. Begonia sighed and asked her to say that it was really awkward. "I, I have a child." Sister E was in a daze and said with a smile, "Really?"? That's great. Congratulations! But the smile immediately stopped, alas, this leaf is really poor, now pregnant with a child, Xianggong is not around, I do not know why her Xianggong did not accompany her, once slightly mentioned, she was looking for a topic to take, also did not ask more, after all, is someone else's business, I am afraid there is a sad thing. However, doodle often mentioned his father, always said that his father would come, but the leaves never mentioned it. Thank you. You'll have to pay more later. "That's the right thing to do. You just rest and leave the rest to me.". While it's still early, I'll buy a chicken and stew it for you tonight. Then he ran out with his skirt. Begonia complained that Shen Ma was eventful, but she didn't want Shen Ma to make a gesture, which made her speechless for a while. Shen Ma said, "Didn't you say it was different from the feeling of Huai Dudu?"? I wanted you to ask Sister E about the difference between Huai Xiaoyu and Huai Liuye. The belly is getting bigger and bigger day by day. All the attention of Dudu is focused on her belly. He doesn't care when his father will come. He surrounds her all day long and calls "brother" to his belly. He even likes to put his face on his belly and whisper to his belly. Dudu, why do you always call your brother? Xiaoyu felt strange. Doodle raised his head, "my brother can play with me." "Can't my sister?" Xiaoyu thought about it, his eldest brother did not take himself to play when he was a child,wire nail making machine, are boys the same? "No, I want my brother." Dudu couldn't find a reason, so he had to emphasize it again, which drew laughter from everyone. Xiaoyu teased him again, "but my sister is obedient. She can cook delicious food for you and make new clothes for you. Look at what my brother is wearing. I made it for him." Said with a proud look at Liu Ye. Really? Doodle crooked his neck and thought for a long time. Is your sister obedient? Will your brother play with you? Which one is better to choose? From that day on, Xiaoyu had a game. Every day, she argued with Dudu about whether it was her younger brother or sister in Begonia's stomach. When she was in a hurry, Dudu ran after Xiaoyu in the yard, shouting while running,Iron Nail Making Machine, "I just want my younger brother, I just want my younger brother." Begonia also looked at the belly, guess inside live in the end is the younger brother or sister, in fact, quite want to have a daughter, everyone said that the daughter is the mother's intimate little cotton-padded jacket, now the grade is big, really want to have a lovely little cotton-padded jacket. In previous lives, people around like to let children guess, belly is male or female, saying that children are born to see these, so to say, is it really a brother? Begonia thought of some pain groaning here, there is a naughty toot toot enough to torment her, if you add one, it is really enough for her to suffer. Looking at Xiaoyu, Begonia wanted a daughter even more. Sister E's life was really good. Her son was sensible and her daughter was considerate. Although her husband died early, Coil Nail Making Machine ,Nail machine supplier, it was a good fortune to have these two filial children. These days, as long as there is nothing to do in the shop, Xiaoyu will stay at her house, helping to make children's clothes, helping to play with Dudu. Begonia likes her very much, so she teaches her literacy, arithmetic and arithmetic when she is free, thinking that if Sister E is old, Xiaoyu will be able to help herself. Sister E is also an exquisite person. Seeing Begonia teaching Xiaoyu with her heart, she likes her very much. Although the girl doesn't need to study, it's not necessary for her to read some words in order to marry a good family in the future. In a big family, women have to read. With this layer of thought, more and more attentively take care of the inn, even the food is personally, changing the pattern to mend her body, hoping that Begonia can give birth to a white and fat child. The thirty-first chapter will not end the end. Fang Chuting, who rushed to Suzhou, launched a search in various inns in Suzhou, but the result was unexpected. None of the inns had seen them at all. Did they come to Suzhou or not? Fang Chuting also lost confidence, was preparing to return, the family came to send a letter, happy to find Yanruo husband and wife according to the address, asked, although some disappointed, but also have a bottom in the heart, originally she used ecstasy again, this woman is really bold. She always felt that she would not go too far, maybe she would live in the surrounding towns, so she took her own people and began to search like a carpet. Cheng Rui looked at Fang Chuting and felt a little anxious. The young master had lost so much weight in the past few months. The young lady was really torturing people. I hope the orange didn't learn this. Tangerine had whispered to him that when she came back from the capital, she would propose marriage to the young mistress, but the eldest mistress disappeared. Tangerine has refused to talk to him until now, shouting, "If the young mistress doesn't come back, I won't marry!" "Young master, the boat has already arrived in Yuhang. Shall we find a place to rest our feet first, and then go to find the young grandmother tomorrow?" Watching the boat slowly heading for the dock, Cheng Rui reminded him softly. All right, get off the boat first. Fang Chuting looked at the small county in front of him, feeling a little depressed. How many small counties are there, ten? Twenty? I can't remember myself. If I continue to search like this, when will it be the end? On the dock, a group of rickshaw pullers gathered. When a strong rickshaw puller saw them get off the boat, he immediately ran up. "This old man, is he passing by our Yuhang?"? Do you have a place to stay? Cheng Rui blocked him with displeasure. "What do you do?" "Don't be angry, sir.". The younger one is a driver. I want to introduce you to a place where you are not familiar with. You can rest assured that if you are not satisfied, I can help you find it again until you are satisfied. Hearing what the rickshaw puller said, Fang Chuting nodded. There was no one of his own in Yuhang. If there is a familiar person to lead the way, it is convenient for you to find someone. The coachman happily led them into his carriage, and when he saw some people behind him getting off the boat, he called a few companions and ran to the county town with a few distinguished guests. At the door of an inn, the coachman looked at the sky and touched his stomach. Stomach has long been growling, but these big master, went one after another inn,nail manufacturing machine, can be not like, watching the county in the big inn has been looking for, where to go next.