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Hear their names Xiaolongnv was in a daze When she looked back at Ye Yinzhu Only to find that he was already in tears

Hear their names Xiaolongnv was in a daze When she looked back at Ye Yinzhu Only to find that he was already in tears Ye Siqin Ye Lianqin Ye Nianqin Mom must have picked the name What does this mean Ye Yinzhu could no longer endure his inner feelings 。 He looked at the three children in front of him and burst into tears Ye Nianqin seems to be the most simple of the three children looking at Ye Yinzhu's tears the small wooden sword in his hand can not help but put down "Uncle why are you crying" Fine 。 Let's not say you're a bad person Fertilizers Ye Siqin still looked at Ye Yinzhu warily "little brother" Don't be blinded by appearances Ye Lianqin chuckled and scraped her little face with her fingers "Aren't you ashamed" She asked Such a big man is still crying Ye Yinzhu's feelings broke out completely at this moment He opened his arms fiercely and held all three children in his arms whether they were wooden sticks or wooden swords All floating in midair For fear of hurting them With three children in his arms "I am your father" said Ye Yinzhu in a trembling voice The three children were startled by the sudden change Ye Siqin first thought of it Is to guess right The tears of the man in front of him were really meant to deceive his three brothers and sisters Ye Lianqin is a girl after all He almost cried in fright but Ye Nianqin had to calm down and only he was the first to hear Ye Yinzhu's words Are you our father Ye Yinzhu broke down in tears He just kept nodding his head Ye Siqin and Ye Lianqin also understood at this time and they looked at each other in surprise "Mother said" said Ye Lianqin Dad is a hero Are you a hero Mom also said Dad went far away I don't know when I'll be back Ye Yinzhu did not know how to answer his daughter's words and the appearance of the three children had a great impact on his heart He wanted to show them his heart If you like Xiaosan's works you can smash the tickets Your support is my greatest motivation Thank you Chapter 192 Family Reunion (I) Holding the bodies of the three children and wiping away the tears on his face Ye Yinzhu said softly "I can't say I'm a hero but I can assure you that I will protect you and your mother with my life" Three children do not know whether to feel the sincere feelings of Ye Yinzhu's heart at the same time are silent three pairs of sparkling big eyes looking at him do not know what to think Xiaolongnv stood beside Ye Yinzhu her eyes were still so soft "Let me hug them OK" Ye Yinzhu has not yet opened his mouth a cold voice has come "not good" Dark tower in the dark door a woman slowly came out dark blue hair blue eyes cold and cold breath like a blade in general cold to Xiaolongnv Seeing her GlobalChemMall Ye Yinzhu's body suddenly became stiff and even the three children slipped out of his arms without noticing it Mom The three children rushed towards the woman She bent down subconsciously and first held Ye Nianqin in her arms He kissed her on her little cheek and said in a deep voice "Siqin take your younger brother and sister back" Ye Siqin looked at her mother's cold face and said worriedly "Mom are they enemies" Shall I call the Godfather "No need" said the woman coldly You go back As she spoke she put Ye Nianqin on the ground The three children seemed to be afraid of her promised stuck out their tongues in the direction of Ye Yinzhu and then ran into the dark tower Sura Ye Yinxiu had just calmed down some of her emotions and became excited again after the woman appeared and she was about to rush forward with an arrow Stop Sura gave a loud shout and looked at Ye Yinzhu Eyes flashing red "Ye Yinxiu you are really worthy of us!" "I" Although Ye Yinzhuming knew that Sula's words were aimed at Xiaolongnv beside him But Remembering what had happened to him and Anya yesterday but not knowing how to explain it he looked at Sura and his face turned pale No matter how powerful he is he has become useless at this moment Sula eyes red looking at Inorganic Chemicals Ye Yinzhu her mood at this time has reached the point of extreme collapse The children get up early every morning Sura would let them play by themselves and clean up the room by themselves The ocean goes to bed a little later every night and naturally gets up a little later in the morning Just now she felt an elemental wave below the dark tower He ran down in a hurry because he was afraid that the children would not know what damage they would do Not to the bottom of the tower She heard Ye Yinzhu's voice with keen hearing At that time the excitement in her heart had reached its peak Three years three years later did he finally come back However when Sura just came to the tower she saw the dazzling little dragon girl at a glance dressed in a golden dress Moving appearance cool and gorgeous temperament All aspects were excellent and at that moment Sura's enthusiasm seemed to be extinguished by the extremely cold water And the next moment her heart had become cold That's why we have this scene Looking at Ye Yinxiu painful and resentful And all kinds of complex emotions are constantly spreading in the heart Sura is much more vulnerable than the ocean after all the trauma she suffered when she was young was too heavy She inherited her mother's good genes Also gave birth to a pair of twins but just now at this moment But she remembered the scene of her childhood when she and her brother followed their mother out of the palace of Landias and suffered a lot But at this time own husband unexpectedly and other woman together is that year's suffering also must befall on own body not to become If the ocean was here she would ask first but Sula's mental fragility led her to make a judgment directly and she didn't want to give Ye Yinzhu a chance to explain Dark blue figure suddenly flashing she did not go to Xiaolongnv but directly toward the direction of Ye Yinzhu rushed over God sighed sharp light with a breath full of curse locked in the position of Ye Yinxiu's heart globalchemmall.com