A woman in love

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Gudrun knew that going to Shortlands was a matter of great importance. She knew this was tantamount

Gudrun knew that going to Shortlands was a matter of great importance. She knew this was tantamount to accepting Gerald. Creech's love. Although she didn't like it, she knew she should go on. She thought to herself, with a painful recollection of the slap and the kiss. "What is this, after all?"? What is a kiss? What does a slap in the face mean? It was just an accidental phenomenon, and it soon disappeared. I can go to Shortlands for a while and see what it looks like before I leave here. She has an insatiable curiosity to know everything. She also wanted to know what Winifred was like. When she heard the child's cry that day on the steamer, she felt some mysterious connection with her. Gudrun and her father were talking in the study, and the father sent for her daughter. After a while, the daughter was accompanied by the French female teacher. Winnie, this is Miss Bronwyn. She will help you learn to draw pictures and shape small animals. Father said. The child looked at Gudrun with interest for a moment, then came forward, turned his head and stretched out his hand, looking very stiff, very calm and indifferent. Hello The child said without raising his head. Hello Ge Zhen said. With that, Winnie stood aside while Gudrun met the French teacher. It is a fine day today The French woman teacher said happily. Very good Ge Zhen said. Winifred looked this way from a distance. She seemed amused, but a little uncertain what the newcomer would be like. She had met many strangers, but few of them she really knew. The French mistress was nothing, and the child could be at peace with her, and acknowledge her little authority, but she was not without contempt, and though she obeyed her, she was still proud and did not take her seriously. "Winifred," said her father, "Aren't you glad Miss Bronwyn came to our house?"? She sculpted animals and birds out of wood and clay. People in London praised her, and they wrote articles praising her in the newspapers. Winifred smiled. Who told you that, Dad? She asked. Who told me? Hermione told me, Rupert. Birkin also talked about it. "You know them?" Winifred asked Gudrun a little defiantly. "Yes," said Gudrun. Winifred was a little relieved. She had always regarded Gudrun as a servant, and there was no friendship between them. She was glad that she had so many people who were inferior to her, and she could tolerate them in a good mood. Ge Zhen is very calm. She doesn't take these things very seriously. A new occasion was a novelty to her, but Winifred was a child so disagreeable and unattractive that she would never fit in. Ge Zhen likes her and has a crush on her. The first meeting ended so disgracefully and awkwardly that neither Winifred nor her female teacher were so reasonable. Soon they were together in an unreal world. Winifred didn't pay much attention to people unless they were as playful and a little mean as she was. She only likes entertainment, and the serious "people" in her life are the little animals she loves. It was a little funny that she was so generous with her compassion for the little animals. She was impatient and indifferent to other things in the world. She has a little poodle named Lulu. She likes Lulu very much. "Let's draw Lulu," said Gudrun, "and see if we can draw it in a good way, side impact door beams ,beam impact tubes, shall we?" "My dear!" Winifred ran over, sat down a little melancholy, kissed Lulu's bulging forehead and said, "Dear, do you want us to draw you?"? Let mom draw a picture, huh? Then she chuckled happily and turned to Ge Zhen and said, "Oh, draw!" They went over and got pencils and paper ready to draw. "It's so beautiful," Winifred said, hugging the dog. "He sat quietly while his mother painted him." There was a sad and helpless look in the dog's big eyes. She kissed the dog warmly and said, "I don't know what my painting looks like. It must not look good." As she drew, she chuckled and cried, "Oh, my dear, you are so beautiful!" Laughing, she ran over and hugged the puppy confessedly, as if she had hurt him. The dog's black velvet face was hung with the helpless and troubled expression left by the years. Winnie drew slowly, her eyes focused on the dog, her head turned to one side, and she was absorbed in drawing, as if she were drawing some spell. When she had finished, she looked at the dog and then at her painting. Then she suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and shouted mischievously, "My beauty, why are you so beautiful?" She took the drawing paper to the dog and put the picture under his nose. The dog seemed to turn his head to one side in exasperation and humiliation, and Winnie impulsively kissed his forehead, which bulged like black velvet. Good Lulu, little Lulu! Look at this picture, my dear. Look at it. It's my mother's painting. She looked at the picture and giggled again. She kissed the dog again, then stood up and solemnly went to Gudrun and handed her the picture. It was an absurd picture of a strange little animal, very naughty and very comic, and Gudrun looked at the picture with a smile on her face. Winifred chuckled beside her. "Not like it, is it?"? It is much more lovely than it is in the picture. It's so beautiful. Mmm, Lulu, my lovely darling. As she spoke, she ran to embrace the annoyed puppy, who looked up at her with a pair of discontented and melancholy eyes and let her embrace him. Then she ran back to the picture and smiled with satisfaction. "Not like it, is it?" She asked Ge Zhen. Like,stainless steel tube 304, very like. Ge Zhen said. The child cherished the painting and was a little embarrassed to show it to others. "Look," she said, bringing the picture to my father. Isn't this Lulu?! Cried he. He looked at the picture in surprise and heard his daughter laughing beside him. Gerald was not at home when Gudrun first came to Shortlands. cbiesautomotive.com