Panic boiling (lovesickness)

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All the newlyweds were stunned and quickly looked at Tang Zheng. When they saw the seven photos in Tang

All the newlyweds were stunned and quickly looked at Tang Zheng. When they saw the seven photos in Tang Zheng's hands, they all took a long breath. Old classmate, you seem to forget that he is not in the same group with you. The nightdress woman lifted her hair, gave Pang Meiqin a white look, and walked to Tang Zheng's side, "I am his team member." "Win the business dance, what have you found?" Tang Zheng is not concerned about these, close to a wall on the side of the street, half squatting there, "Lao Lin, how?" "Safe." Win business dance in the back side made a gesture, Lin Weiguo is responsible for the avant-garde, did not speak, made a gesture that everything is fine. Several newlyweds saw the three of them this gesture, disdained to curl his mouth, secret way to make a mountain out of a molehill, and Zhang Hao is a face of a blue and red uncertain, in the bottom of my heart angry that he had not even Tang Zheng this has not stepped into the threshold of the conqueror half new people are not as good as, but then see the performance of those stewardesses, and relieved, he and that Lin Weiguo should be soldiers, otherwise how can it be so strong. It's all idiots. The little girl looked at these people, snorted, and then looked at the 19 in Tang Zheng's leg holster, trying to reach out and touch it, but held back. The black tower man took a panoramic view of all this,side impact beams, raised the evaluation of Tang Zheng three people, at the same time close to the fat man's ear, whispered something, and then two people hurried to Tang Zheng's side. Hello, I'm Li yuanhang. This is my bodyguard, Lao Tie. We are in the same group. The fat man stretched out his right hand and greeted Tang Zheng with a smile. We'll talk about it later. Tang Zheng didn't have time to shake hands with him. "Qin Yan, Ginkgo, Xinlan, Meiqin, all come here. What are you thinking about?" Tang Zheng did not give them a good look,Precision Welded pipes, a negligence may be fatal, can not but be cautious. What's next? Let Qin Yan take over his position, win business dance together to come over, Zhang Hao hesitated, after all, is to pull down the face, also ran over. Don't worry, let me think about it. Tang Zheng calmly looked at the seven photos in his hands, "Zhang Hao, give me your photos, win the business dance, and yours." To win the business dance to hand out the photos, Zhang Hao also did, he is still a little self-aware, since he does not know what to do next, then rely on others. These photos are the life of two girls, see? Each side has a line of light watermarks, written about the girl's information. This single ponytail is called Kawashima Aili, Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes ,aluminium coated steel tube, who lives in Hiyoshi Town, Kyoto Prefecture. The other one with yellowish hair is Sugi Runa, who lives in Tokyo City. "How carefully you observe! Let me see." Zhang Hao stretched out his hand and took the photo. After a long time, he finally saw the faint watermark handwriting in the right corner of the sky. He was furious. "***, isn't this a pit? Can you write smaller?" "It's a pity that there are too few photos and the information we get is limited. Sugi Runa doesn't even have a home address. It's really worrying." Tang Zheng is also slightly worried, "What's worse is that we don't know where we are. Maybe after we get there, the target girl has been killed." "The wooden horse is too bad. Isn't it obvious that it's going to embarrass us?" Pang Meiqin smashed the wall angrily, and these problems almost made her want to faint and get rid of them immediately. That's just normal game difficulty. You're making too much of a fuss. Win business dance is very calm, she is also thinking about how to deal with it, but it seems that Tang Zheng is better than her, so she decided to follow him. What kind of monster would attack them? "Ginkgo really has a big chest and no brain, so he asked a stupid question." When they come, you'll know. Zhang Hao said sarcastically and stared at him, "warning you not to add to the confusion and not to disturb his thinking." "Aren't Tokyo and Kyoto the same city?" Pang Meiqin was a little afraid. Definitely not, so we can only act in groups. Tang Zheng looked up and looked at the newlyweds. "Which one of you is targeting a girl with yellowish hair? Come here quickly and take action." When people saw these old people gathering together to discuss, they were somewhat envious and jealous. They wanted to go there, but they were afraid of being scolded. Now, when they heard Tang Zheng's words, they were like the sounds of nature. They rushed over at a speed comparable to being chased by an eagle. Even if not Tang Zheng this group also crowded over, unconsciously, Tang Zheng has conquered these people with his calm manner and calm judgment, they subconsciously regard him as the backbone. I'll report your grouping. If it's wrong, speak quickly. Tang Zheng's eyes swept over these people one by one, "a total of 20 survivors who participated in the survival game this time, with the yellowish hair girl as the target is to win the business dance, Qin Yan, fat man, black tower Han bodyguard, leopard print woman, poacher boss, female college students, nightdress woman, fake police man, too late to remember your names, first use identity characteristics to represent." People are stupefied, then look at each other, nod, know, the name is just a code name, for a while certainly can not remember, but the characteristics are different, clear at a glance. Wei Guo, Xin Lan, what are you going to do? Although Tang Zheng is ready to act in groups, he still worries about them. I don't want to leave you, or we will surely die. Pang Meiqin was quite pessimistic. "It's too fair. Why are you in the same group as the winner's party and don't give us one?" "Do you despise me?" Zhang Hao is angry again. This is the contempt of eating fruit. What's the use of looking up to you? Can I go back alive? Pang Meiqin was not afraid of him either, and asked in a harsh voice, "Well, what do you plan to do next?"? If you can say it, we'll listen to you. The newcomers in the same group all looked at Zhang Hao. After all, he was a conqueror, and he was very arrogant just now. So you always have some strength. Hao is a clumsy mouth, said a few me, can not take the following. If you can't say it, shut up. Pang Meiqin is anxious to cry out, this guy also added confusion, and other new faces are slowly disappointed, began to envy and Tang Zheng and his team members. Old classmate,precision welded tubes, don't panic, there will always be a way. Nightdress woman smirked out, deliberately angry Pang Meiqin.