Recommend [Xuanhuan] Tianjiao Zhan Ji (Male Frequency)

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Shake the tree! There was a touch of cold disdain in Lin Xun's dark eyes.

The appearance of Summer Solstice, only one blow, will defeat Fengqi Jue Jian, Ji Chaoyin, the late town of Creation, will be killed to ashes! All this made Ji Bowen and others feel extremely frightened, and their liver and gallbladder were ready to crack. The disaster of plundering the dust. Lin Xun could not help but gasp. Such a combination of time and cause and effect of the two supreme ways of the forbidden magical power, really too terrible, so that he was shocked. Lin Xun, it's up to you next. Summer Solstice, he turned his head and looked at Lin Xun with clear eyes, and then the slender figure suddenly fell down softly. Lin Xun held the Summer Solstice in his arms and broke out in a cold sweat until he was sure that the Summer Solstice had only exhausted all his strength before falling into a deep sleep, and then he breathed a sigh of relief. Undoubtedly, the magic power of plundering the dust makes the Summer Solstice pay all their strength, so that they will fall into a deep sleep directly. Will Summer Solstice carefully placed in the eternal boat, Lin Xun's eyes looked at the distant Ji Bowen and others. Ji Chao Yin, the biggest threat, has been removed by the Summer Solstice, leaving only a large number of Ji Bowen and others, but there is no threat at all. Yongqing, you leave first and take the clansmen away. I and others will hold Lin Xun back. Ji Bowen gave the order in a deep voice, and his expression was full of determination. This night, they were supposed to deprive Lin Fan and Su Bai of their natural strength,multi disc screw press, but no one expected that Lin Xun's sudden appearance would make the situation develop to such an extent. First, Ji Changyun, Ji Changshan and other big shots were slaughtered. Then Ji Guiling, Ji Haiyu, and Ji Chaoyin, the three beings of creation, all fell into the field one by one! So that at this moment, let Ji Bowen has realized,lamella clarifer, not to mention to change the fate of the clan, even they Ji tonight is very likely to encounter the danger of destruction! All these blows are so great that even a big man like Ji Bowen, who is used to seeing big storms, can't help but feel desperate. The patriarch.. Ji Yongqing's eyes were red and his face was sad. Hurry up Ji Bowen drank too much. This is your Ji's territory. Where else can you escape to? In the distance, Lin Xun spoke coldly. Hum! At this moment, Lin Xunshi displayed the forbidden seal of time, and the dreamlike light of time interweaved into the forbidden system of blocking the sun, covering this piece of heaven and earth. This is the first time that Lin Xun has displayed the magical power of the seal of time since he set foot on the eternal path. Unlike before, the ban of the seal of time is like a curtain of heaven, covering ten directions! Compared with the power of the Forbidden Seal of Time arranged by the Emperor of Eternal Night outside the Forbidden Zone of Streamer, it is still inferior, but it is not much worse. Eternal Night God Emperor's Supreme Forbidden Power Time Forbidden Seal. All of a sudden, Ji Bowen recognized it and his heart sank to the bottom of the valley. The faces of the other strong men in the eternal realm of the Ji family also became extremely ugly. A long time ago, the eternal night God emperor once walked in the era of the gods, a person, but run amuck invincible, Wall Penstocks ,fine bubble diffuser, covering the world's heroes, so that the existence of the eternal realm can only bow! Even though the Emperor of Eternal Night suffered a heavy blow from the "Great Silence", in the countless years after she hid in the Streamer Forbidden Zone, no one could break into the Streamer Forbidden Zone in the vast ruins of creation. The reason lies in the "time forbidden seal" covered by the streamer forbidden area. But now, this kind of taboo magical power is displayed by Lin Xun, covering in this piece of heaven and earth. This is tantamount to in their Ji's territory, these Ji's adults are all trapped up, like a beast in a cage! "Now it's time to settle our scores once and for all." Lin Xun swallowed a magic medicine into his body, and the physical strength that had consumed so much was recovered in the blink of an eye. After sweeping away the twelve eternal Protoss in the Ninth Heaven, Lin Xun found not a few of such extraordinary medicines. Everybody, fight with him! Ji Bowen sent out a loud roar, under the stimulation of the dead end, but inspired their fighting spirit, one by one has been holding the idea of fighting to the death. Kill! Other big shots drink, all did not hesitate to make a move, each sacrifice the eternal Taoist soldiers, display the supreme magical power to kill Lin Xun. The divine power is mighty, and the eternal Dao light wreaks havoc on the world, but it cannot break through the power of the time ban. But at this time, no one cares about these. They seemed to be crazy and charged recklessly one by one. A full nine beyond the realm of eternal existence desperately, that such a scene is how terrible? See you soon. Some of them are like gods in fire, manipulating the flames of gods and burning the sky and destroying the earth. Some hold the spear, the body Xuan Jia, straight like the God of war. Some roar, surging, lightning and thunder, releasing all kinds of great magical powers that can destroy the world, some. The vast, turbulent and horrible attacks converged, all of them went to Lin Xun alone, and just the scene of destruction made people feel desperate. Shake the tree! There was a touch of cold disdain in Lin Xun's dark eyes. The next moment, his footsteps suddenly step, jump forward, four road body arch around the original, each urged the hands of the immortal Taoist soldiers, like a brilliant peerless edge, mercilessly pierced into the mighty torrent of power. Boom ~ Visible to the naked eye, the torrent of power, which was formed by the convergence of all kinds of supreme magical powers and Taoist soldiers, was torn straight into a huge crack. I don't know how many supreme magical powers have collapsed like bubbles. I don't know how many eternal Taoist soldiers burst into pieces in the earth-shaking collision. In the blink of an eye- The offensive of Ji Bowen and others was broken, and Lin Xun and his doppelganger had already been killed to the front! It's too fast, too overbearing, and it's no different from crushing it directly. Not good "Hide!" Screams rang out, and Ji Bowen and others turned pale. Can obviously have been a step too late, see Lin Xun's own and four road body suddenly scattered, each staring at an opponent, brazenly attack. Boom! When a grey-haired old man was dodging, his figure was directly hit by Wuyuan Sword Ding, and the whole person was as powerless as a straw pressed by a mountain. In other directions, Aoki,rapid sand filters, Red Fire, Platinum and Loess also showed an invincible posture of absolute crushing, suppressing their opponents one by one.