The devil's pillow man

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Empress Dowager Cixi, and she was afraid that her husband would appear too early and ruin her little prank!

"Miss, you can't be obeyed. You are the auction item tonight. The person who buys you can decide where you go. The buyer can decide whether to release you, enjoy you, or cut out your heart and give it to him." The most absurd and terrible words, the host still said very politely. The flower spike restrains the impulse to put the heel into the host's mouth floating in his heart. Seeing that the dress was so beautiful and the sapphire was shining, she decided to be more tolerant. My husband is cold weather. She said lightly, looking sympathetically at the crowd. Alas, if she really has any damage, her husband must be mad, and then everyone here will be buried with her! "Who?" The host frowned. The butcher of the world. A lot of wine glasses were crushed, and everyone's faces were twisted. Seeing her husband so famous, Hua Sui nodded with satisfaction. 'peerless'. The man with dark blue eyes repeated in a low voice, making the two words sound like the harbinger of the end of the world. The wine glass in his hand was also broken, blood mixed with wine spilled down, his face was so frightened, and there was a cold wind blowing in the room, and the temperature dropped to freezing point in an instant. Even though he stopped talking, his sharp eyes made people shudder. When he was in a rage, Angel moved her body,endless pool factory, carefully picked out the glass in his wound, took out the silk handkerchief, and carefully bandaged the wound in his hand. Then she kissed his clenched fist and looked up at him, tender and loving. It was like he was her world, her God, the only reason she survived. The man's anger, under Angel's gentle service,outdoor hot tub, gradually disappeared. He stroked her hair, slowly and carefully, and his eyes became deep and hot. That kind of expression, see the flower spike some blush! She often saw the same expression on her face in cold weather. Thinking of her husband, she was eager to return home and walked to the door. That's good. You'll know if you give me the name. Is everyone familiar? Are they all friends? She moved slowly towards the door. Then, for his sake, as a misunderstanding, I will go first. Uh, also, this dress and necklace will compensate me for my mental loss. Thank you. Walking to the door, she grasped the doorknob, and suddenly several dark shadows flashed, and several men in black surrounded her and refused to let her pass. Didn't you hear me? She sighed and put her hands on her slender waist as if she were teaching a child, endless swimming pool ,outdoor spa manufacturers, repeating patiently. My husband is the butcher in the peerless world. If you want to die, get out of the way quickly. She tried her best to persuade. Repeating it again only enhances the effect, and this time it's not as simple as crushing the glass. Most of the people suddenly jumped up from the sofa, and their vicious appearance disappeared, replaced by confusion and panic. Those people rushed to the door and fled without looking back, drawing a clear line with the flower spike as soon as possible. They pushed aside the flower spikes and fled for their lives like barbarians who had not received the etiquette of national life. Hey, line up, ah.. Don't push me! The flower spikes that had been pushed aside were so angry that they stared at each other, but they were weaker than the men who were eager to escape, so they could only stare helplessly at each other. Hey, I haven't left yet. Why are you running so fast? Hello No one paid any attention to her, and they all rubbed oil on the soles of their feet and disappeared in an instant. The room was full of people, and in a twinkling of an eye it was very clean. Only the flustered host and the conspicuous man and woman were left. Catch. Get her! The host's voice trembled, but it was firm. But be gentle and don't hurt her. When he said the proviso, his tone was weaker. The men in black reached out their hands and held her gently. After knowing her backer, I don't dare to knock her out as rudely as before. Hey, don't you understand what I'm saying? She glanced at the men and saw that their faces were pale but they were still at their posts. Seeing their attitude change, the flower spike became bolder. My neck is very painful, which person hit me just now? Her eyes swept around, and the black-clad group looked down at the ground in fear of guilt. I don't know if the butcher will be angry if I tell him. She began to talk aloud to herself, her eyes peering and peering. All the men in black began to draw a neat "Pipi shake." Well, if someone brings me an ice towel to apply, I can live without adults. She said magnanimously. Knock-knock, a man in black hurriedly brought the ice towel and put it on her. Very good, very good. She heaved a sigh of satisfaction and sat back comfortably on the sofa chair. To be honest, she knew very well in her heart that once she was caught, Leng Tianji would act immediately, and the chance that she would encounter real danger was very small. At this moment, she was served more comfortably than the Empress Dowager Cixi, and she was afraid that her husband would appear too early and ruin her little prank! The host began to wipe his sweat, and his tone was not as calm as before. He walked timidly to the man's side, expecting to kneel down and beg the man to open his mouth and bid. Are you interested in this woman? He asked expectantly, pleading with his eyes. Oh my God! The most popular auction item is the butcher's wife, this commodity is afraid to become not popular at all, but has become a hot potato, where can we expect to rely on her to make a lot of money? It is lucky that the mark does not flow. Black and blue eyes, very not easy to move away from Angel's flawless face, can not bear to glance at the host. I have a grudge against Peerless. I don't want to touch their people. He refused coldly, and his tall body slowly rose from the chair, lifting the soft and boneless Angel with one hand, and encircling his slender waist with a solid arm. "But if you buy this woman, you can sell her a favor!" The host shouted,whirlpool hot tub, "Only one microphone is needed, just like a peddler who jumps from a building in the night market." It's none of my business whether the arms dealer is alive or dead. He answered without mercy and stepped out of the door. The host wanted to cry without tears and watched the most capable and courageous buyer walk away without looking back. Then I'll go, too. Hua Sui touched his nose and wanted to run away again.