A piece of candy.-Crazy.

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When it was dark, Li Yuner looked at his former cabin with his luggage. Flowers and plants on the balcony

When it was dark, Li Yuner looked at his former cabin with his luggage. Flowers and plants on the balcony, later It's a pity that no one has watered it. It was midnight when the epiphyllum bloomed, and I didn't see it once. I had your warm embrace. I have no need to get up in the middle of the night to see the epiphyllum, those fragile flashes, amazing short, brilliant withered. Open the door to see Fei Qinglong, with a child, a very small child, sharp teeth when smiling; a Dong's eyelashes. Long hair, ruddy face, that is often the reason for drinking blood. You, you're not that day. Li Yuner felt a murderous look and stepped back. "What are you doing here?" Fei Qinglong wanted to speak, but he couldn't say anything. He approached with a knife in his hand. It was short. The other side's request is one. Knife results. You, don't kill me. I I'm.. I'm leaving soon, okay? You are Fang Fenfen before. Boyfriend? Fang Fenfen is dead, do you know? Jiang Xiwen is also dead, don't you know? Their mother loves. They, you know? Li Yuner retreated to the kitchen door, knowing that there was a knife inside, bigger than Fei Qinglong's. Fei Qinglong shouted, "Ah," and his pupils were very big when he heard the three words "Fang Fenfen." I'm running away. Running away? Yes. Li Yuner saw the knife in the kitchen, "Fang Fenfen is very pitiful." She is innocent, you believe me, is Xifan told me, is Jiang Xiwen's brother. He's taking me away now. If you let me go, we are all pitiful and at the mercy of others. Fei Qinglong turned around. He was going to Jiang's house. A Dong is urgent, jump on Li Yuner's body, aim at the face is a gnaw, the host forgets to feed it food, from I haven't eaten a mouthful of meat since this morning. It thought that Fei Qinglong turned around to let it go, and brought it out to kill people before. Isn't that the way it is? Li Yuner was screaming, and every time he screamed, the blood hole in his mouth "cooed" out with blood. Fei Qinglong grabbed it A Dong ran away with a hug. Jiang Xifan only waited for two people at the airport, Bai Jie and Jiang Dingsheng. When Liu Siyuan came home, he saw Fei Qinglong with grief on his face and asked, "Have you done it?" Fei Qinglong nodded, the rain on his head did not dry,socket screw plug, and the room was dead silent. A Dong's eyes are rumbling. Looking left and right, the three words "Fang Fenfen" were written askew on the paper. Liu Siyuan sat down and patted him on the shoulder. "If we change, we won't be soft-hearted to each other." He knows their story. This time, he asked the reason for the murder, which he had not asked before, because There is Li Yuner, so I want to ask. He couldn't do it. He asked and he couldn't do it. At one o'clock in the morning on a certain day of a certain month of a certain year, we were teased by the immortals and missed each other. I went to the place where you wanted me. You come where I want you to come. Jiang Xifan wailed at the airport, shaking his fist like a madman, "Let me see her again." Once, for the last time. Do whatever you want in the future, please. The key opened the door and there was nothing but blood on the carpet. Luggage alone in the corner of the door, Jiang Xi Fan knelt on the ground and wept bitterly. Where did you go? It's raining heavily. Where did you go, you fool? Idiot "Come on, boy, let's go home." Bai Jie squatted down and held him in her arms, letting his body tremble and cry. On this rainy night, in the rotten air, Li Yuner looked at the road with one eye, and the towel used to wrap her face seeped through. The blood became very heavy. This was the ninth taxi that refused to carry. Li Yuner was tired of walking. He squatted on the ground and sobbed with both hands. With his own blood, Steel investment casting ,deep draw stamping, pain on his face, and strange itching, he drilled his heart, scratched with his hands, and put a piece of flesh connected to the skin. The piece was pulled off, and the itching stopped, but it was more painful. Most taxis in the early hours of the morning are afraid to pick up injured people. However, there are exceptions, except for the kind taxi driver. Li Ximin looked at Li Yuner's face in the rearview mirror. After 26 years of driving, he saw all kinds of people and ghosts. Too, also not be afraid, just ask: "Which hospital to go to?" It's no use going to the hospital. I'm going to die. I know in my heart. Li Yuner suddenly felt the pain turn into labor pains. When there is no pain, you can speak reluctantly, "It's too late, master, you send me.." "Where to go?" Li Ximin looked at the blood on her face and shook his head helplessly. Women nowadays, do they move? Just fight with men. Li Yuner wanted to see his parents and go back to his home, but what he said was the address of Jiang Xifan's home. In this hour, Li Ximin heard the woman behind the car say thirty times, "Master, please hurry up, I'll hurry up." I can't hold it. When he stopped at the hospital gate, Li Yuner refused to get out of the car, but begged to drive forward. See, see, die to see. When he got out of the car, Li Yuner's blood flowed from his neck to his pocket and he took out a blood bill. I'll wait.. I'll be back. Li Ximin took it. The blood was a little sticky and the temperature was moderate. Just don't die in my car. Approaching the door, Li Yuner looked at the intersection and saw five black dogs coming towards him, all of them incomplete animals. The lame one, the blind one, the one with half an ear, the one with a sore back, and the one whose tail was cut off. One. Perhaps, each of us is a dog wandering in the world, running around for bones when hungry, and running around when in heat. Bite the opposite sex, happy is for someone to love and value us, comfort is because of the pain when looking up at your eyes. The five dogs took one look at Li Yuner and ran away screaming. The security guard at the gate didn't cut his nose hair because the security captain, Fatty Gao, was fired. He is timid, Li Yun. Son suddenly put down the towel to cover his face, without any expression or movement, he fell down, he thought it was a nightmare, such as If it is not a nightmare, how can there be such a ferocious creature, blood is all over the face and body, but the face is blue and purple. Only Li Yuner, who has one eye, looks like Empress Jiang floating around in the Deification of the Gods. The rain is still falling, Li Yuner's head. It was very swollen, and the place where he stood was a faint red blood. Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, tomorrow morning, disappear, by time Washing, even if you remember, I have nowhere to find. Li Yuner climbed up the balcony, yes, he was there, through the glass window, saw my love, holding the pillow,metal stamping parts, standing up. Hold the pillow. Does he think that pillow is me? Oh, my dear, the beautiful guy who broke my heart. autoparts-dx.com