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Bo Zhanhui is naturally afraid, and scared to death. He followed closely and took a big step forward, saying,

Bo Zhanhui is naturally afraid, and scared to death. He followed closely and took a big step forward, saying, "I'm afraid. That's why I will cooperate with Beihongmen. I hope I can beat Nanhongmen out of Shanghai as soon as possible." "So you've taken refuge with Xie Wendong?" Xiao Fang asked suddenly. "It's just that you know too late." With that, Bo Zhanhui stopped talking nonsense, rounded the knife in his hand, and slashed Xiao Fang in the face. In his mind, even if the knife did not kill Xiao Fang, it could scare him half to death and seriously injure him. But he was wrong, very wrong. Xiao Fang's skill was not as simple as he had imagined. When he waved his knife, the other side's seemingly thin body suddenly became as flexible as a civet cat. He bent his body and pulled in his abdomen. He jumped outward at a very fast speed. Bo Zhanhui only felt a flower in front of his eyes. Xiao Fang had already slanted away. Before he could see how he drew his knife, a bright light blossomed on his lower abdomen. Bo Zhanhui, with a cry, stepped out three meters away before he stood firm. He looked down and saw that the clothes on his lower abdomen had a big cut more than a foot long. Xiao Fang's lightning knife almost opened his chest. Bo Zhanhui broke out in a cold sweat, as if he had seen Xiao Fang for the first time. He looked up and down again and said coldly, "Your Excellency, what a sharp knife!" There was no sign of panic on Xiao Fang's face. Instead, he was full of confidence. He smiled proudly and said, "My knife is always fast, but you don't know it." Bo Zhanhui's blood surged upward, and his body, which looked like a black bear, pressed fiercely against Xiao Fang. "Let me see how fast you are," he shouted. Xiao Fang almost seriously injured Bo Zhanhui in one move, which was not a true reflection of the strength between the two, mainly because the latter underestimated the enemy and was careless, and Xiao Fang was well prepared. But this time he was secretly more careful,Investment casting parts, and the two men fought in one place and fought fiercely. Xiao Fang is fast, Bo Zhanhui is fierce. At the beginning, Xiao Fang was able to cope with it. Before long, he gradually could not withstand the bombardment of the other side round after round. He was panting and sweating like rain. The heavy knife of the other side was also dodging left and right, which was dangerous. Bo Zhanhui, on the other hand, fought more and more bravely in the Vietnam War. He seemed to have endless energy all over his body, and his offensive was like a tide. Xiao Fang sighed: "Bitter!" Helplessly, had to use a trick-run! He falsely shook a knife,non standard fasteners, fiercely stabbed Bo Zhanhui's eyes, the latter sneer, casually with a knife, the other side stabbed the steel knife bounce open, homeopathic forward, with a foot raised, is kicking Xiao Fang in the chest. With a cry of surprise, Xiao Fang flew more than three meters away. After landing, he slipped and rolled, and then slipped four or five meters away. Seeing that he was in such a mess, Bo Zhanhui just wanted to laugh and taunt a few words, but on second thought, no, he knew how much strength he had just used in that foot, and he should not let the other side withdraw so far. Then he looked at Xiao Fang, turned around, stood up, did not even look back, threw his legs away, die cast light housing ,die casting parts, and ran out of the casino. His agility was not the slightest bit injured. Awful! Bo Zhanhui was so anxious that he stamped his foot and secretly cried out that he had been taken in! As he ran after him, he shouted, "Xiao Fang is going to run away. Stop him!" He didn't have to shout. Someone had already come forward. There were at least four big fellow horizontal knives blocking his way, one did not stop, two did not answer, four knives to the fan like Xiao Fang attack. Xiao Fang's skill is really extraordinary, there are wolves in front and tigers behind, still unhurried, slowly across a step, can avoid four knives, and then suddenly accelerate, while the four people back to the knife, the body has jumped to the front of four people, shoulder a shake, throw out a fatal knife. Four big fellow, two of them in the chest blossom, blood light, the other two people each flash one side, just lucky to escape. As soon as the gap appeared, Xiao Fang dared not delay, passed sideways, took a few steps to the door, and rushed out. As soon as he came out, he shouted, "Somebody!"! Come here The word "person" in the back was swallowed back by him. It turned out that there was a young man sitting on the sofa facing the door of the casino in the hall. He was about twenty years old. He had a single phoenix and was smoking with a smile. When he got up, there were countless big men in black standing around him. There was still a man lying at the young man's feet. It was the young manager of the Harbour Hotel who had been stabbed with a sharp blade in his neck, with blood and tears. Seeing that there is more gas out and less gas in, I can't live. As soon as Xiao Fang saw the man's face, he was immediately discouraged. He took a long breath, held the knife in both hands, looked down, and said with a wry smile, "It seems that it's really hard for me to run out today." It was Xie Wendong who was sitting on the sofa. He flicked his cigarette ash and showed a sincere and brilliant smile. This sunny smile was in sharp contrast to the frightened face at his feet, which was dying and waiting for death to come. It made Xiao Fang shudder and shiver. Xie Wendong said softly, "It seems that it is really difficult for you to have a chance to escape today." Xiao Fang smiled and said, "In Nanjing, I also thought I couldn't escape, but I'm still alive now. Besides, this is Shanghai, our territory!" Xie Wendong gave him a clear look, shook his head and said, "The general of the defeated army!"! Is it interesting to talk about the history of failure? If it were me, I would never. Xiao Fang just encouraged himself, if he fell into the hands of Xie Wendong what the consequences would be, he could not imagine, but one thing he knew was that it must be very miserable. After listening to the other side's words, Xiao Fang blushed and said, "After listening to your words, it seems that you are a hero of indomitable spirit." He was deliberately stalling for time, hoping that the news of the attack on the harbor would get out earlier so that the nearby brothers could come to rescue him. Xie Wendong was so cunning that he saw through his thoughts at a glance and said indifferently, "Brother Xiao, you don't have to expect someone to come and save you.". Even if someone comes, it will be in vain. Since I can stand here now, it shows that I am ready to deal with all possible incidents. Without saying a word, Xiao Fang gazed at Xie Wendong for a long time before saying, "Xie Wendong, you don't want to kill me!" Xie Wendong did not speak, but nodded. Xiao Fang continued,CNC machining parts, "With your character, if you wanted to kill me, I'm afraid I'd be dead by now." Xie Wendong nodded. "What on earth do you want?" Asked Xiao Fang. 。