First-level boss: You get married, I rob Shen Yiran Ji Jinchuan 3141 Zhang Yun

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When Wu Ma heard the car going out, she came out. When she saw the two of them talking, she didn't

When Wu Ma heard the car going out, she came out. When she saw the two of them talking, she didn't bother them. They went to the entrance. Wu Ma took out two pairs of slippers and put them at their feet. "Young master, do you want to eat now?" Ji Jinchuan took off his coat and was about to say no, thinking that Shen Yiran had been here for a few hours and should be hungry at this time, he nodded: "Good." Wu Ma took his coat and hung it on the hanger at the entrance, then went into the kitchen and brought the food to the table. Wu Ma is a thoughtful person, knowing that after Ji Jinchuan comes back, Shen Yiran is very likely to eat here, so what she does is the amount of two people. Ji Jinchuan entered the dining room and saw Shen leisurely standing in the entrance without moving. He looked back at her with a shallow displeasure in his gentle eyes: "Aren't you hungry?" Shen Yiran was looked at by his eyes a burst of hair, went forward to pull open the chair opposite him to sit down. Wu Ma went to the kitchen and did not come out again. They ate quietly, only the slight sound of the spoon touching the edge of the bowl, which was particularly clear in the quiet restaurant. She wanted to open her mouth several times, but when she saw Ji Jinchuan's warm look, the words on her lips were pressed back. After dinner, Ji Jinchuan went up to the second floor, and Shen Yiran politely helped Wu Ma clean up the bowls and chopsticks and dilly-dally went up to the second floor. The lamp in the study shone through the crack of the half-open door into the corridor, refracting a warm light on the smooth floor. She pushed open the door of the study and went in. Ji Jinchuan stood in front of the window,car radiator cap, with one hand in his trouser pocket and a cigarette between the fingers of his right hand. Outside the window was a hazy night. Hearing her footsteps, Ji Jinchuan turned around and his gentle eyes fell lightly on her. She was wearing a light yellow dress and a slim Korean coat. The dress had a doll collar, and her seaweed-like curly hair was tied up on one side and hung down on her chest, which made her more youthful and pretty. Seeing that she had been silent all the time, Ji Jinchuan showed some impatience, and his pale eyes crossed a touch of awe: "If there is nothing to do, you can go." Shen leisurely congealed to him,die casting parts, the corners of his mouth raised a shallow smile, casual tone with a bit of sharp sarcasm: "Didn't you ask me to come?" Although he did not make it clear, but to Xu's hand, is not to let her beg him? Ji Jinchuan took his last puff of smoke, put out the cigarette butt in the ashtray, and walked up to her. Seeing the alert in her eyes, he paused at his feet and frowned slightly: "Come here!" His tone is not slow, shallow and light, but Shen Yiran was born to hear the composition of the command inside, she hesitated for a moment, or still on the words. Ji Jinchuan's long arm fished her into his arms, Shen Yiran was startled by his unexpected movements, DIN screw plug ,car radiator cap, the tip of his nose hit his hard chest, a pain of numbness, tears almost fell down. Ji Jinchuan saw that there was fog lingering in her eyes, and saw that her whole brows were twisted together. He raised his hand to gently rub the tip of her reddish nose, and her tight face slowed down: "An obedient girl is good." His deep, gentle tones were magnetic and seductive, as if he were seducing an ignorant little girl. The smell of mint tobacco on his body was inhaled down the tip of her nose and into her heart, connecting with her breath and becoming one. On the tip of his nose were his cold fingers, moving gently as if afraid to hurt her, and his low and gentle voice made him indulge deeply. She really can't see through this man, obviously one moment still cold words to her, the next moment the face does not change color as if nothing had happened. Her eyes moved up from the man's button, swept over his well-defined jaw, and then fell blankly on his cold face. Chapter 241 you forgot my identity. Ben The night outside the window is lonely, and the curtains are printed with two intertwined figures, which are filled with ambiguous atmosphere in the silent night. The air in the room was rising, and men's shirts, trousers, women's dresses and underwear were thrown in disorder on the smooth floor. Ji Jinchuan's energy is exuberant, at first Shen leisurely clenched his teeth, to later low sip for mercy, do not know how many times, she completely fainted in the past. The next day, Shen leisurely stood up in front of the washstand, through the mirror to see his neck and collarbone everywhere traces, the heart secretly scolded Ji Jinchuan again. She buttoned up the top button of her shirt and put down her hair in a ponytail again, so that she could hide the red marks on the side. When she went downstairs, Ji Jinchuan was already having breakfast in the living room. When she came down, Wu Ma called out "Miss Shen," and then took out her breakfast and put it on the table. Ji Jinchuan put down the milk and looked up to meet her eyes. She stared at him with resentment. He frowned slightly and saw her hair hanging down. "You asked for three days off?" She asked for three days off because of the engagement, but yesterday's engagement was cancelled by the man opposite, so the three days off was in vain. Ji Jinchuan closed the newspaper in his hand and put it on the dining table: "Find Feng Yi to cancel the leave." She put the toast in her hand back on the plate and stretched out her arm to take the newspaper. The headline on it was striking: The engagement ceremony with Shen's daughter was cancelled halfway because of Xu's turbulent crisis. It was also attached to the photos of Xu Chengyan when he left the hotel yesterday, as well as Gu Jinchen's. The two were surrounded by reporters. Xu Chengyan's face was full of anxiety and irritability. Gu Jinchen also had a calm and handsome face. She closed the newspaper and put it aside. "I want to rest for a few days." Ji Jinchuan said with a half-smile, "Can't you face all this gossip?" His merciless sarcasm made her breathe, and the hand holding the milk cup tightened, almost subconsciously trying to pour the milk on him. If it wasn't for him, she would have to face this embarrassing situation? She tried her best to endure it and said in a gentle voice, "How is Xu Shi?" Ji Jinchuan tidied up the cufflinks slowly, with an unexpected surprise in his gentle tone: "Although Xu Chengyan, who almost became your fiance, is a little simple-minded,deep draw stamping, your brother-in-law is an outstanding person, and I appreciate him." I don't know if it was her illusion, but he deliberately pronounced the word "brother-in-law".