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Chen Yang in order to adapt to the image in the hospital, Specially got a white coat to put on. Of course

Chen Yang in order to adapt to the image in the hospital, Specially got a white coat to put on. Of course, This is Chen Yang conveniently from Panyu district the second people's hospital in a nobody doctor's office "pinch" Come over, This just caused the misunderstanding of the experts in this room, They regard Chen Yang as an intern in the hospital. In their these high experts eyes, Chen Yang Interns are always careless and don't know how to behave. Chen Yang smiled and said, "I'm sorry. I think you misunderstood me. I'm not an intern in your hospital.". I'm just here for this special patient in the ward. The experts looked at each other a few times, and then a bald, middle-aged man chuckled, "Just you?"? There are so many experts who can't solve the problem. What are you doing here? The hospital is an important place. No one is allowed to enter. Hurry out if you have nothing to do. Don't delay us to see a doctor, really! Security guard! Security guard Chen Yang smiled proudly and said, "If I can't cure the disease, can you just do it?"? You also should be treated, had a meeting, what good method to think of? This remark left the group of medical experts speechless. Indeed, they did not think of any good way, or even no way. In just ten minutes, they have tried several methods, except for the slight effect of physical cooling with ice cubes. Other methods are basically all useless. However. In this group of experts,Nail production machine, there are still people who are not convinced and say: "So what? You really treat yourself as a miracle doctor. Don't say there are not many miracle doctors in the world. Even if there are, it's not your virtue!" He was obviously insulted by this remark. Chen Yang did not pursue it because he felt it. In the last two or three minutes, the patient has developed some dangerous conditions. There is nothing to argue with these "quacks" at the moment. It is the king's way to deal with the patient's condition first. Chen Yang gently shook his head, completely ignoring so many experts in front of him, and went straight to the patient. When he passed by the group of experts, Chen Yang also released some body-protecting True Qi appropriately, so that the experts separated the road and allowed him to pass by. Chen Yang sat directly beside the patient's left hand bed,High Speed Nail Making Machine, held his breath, then stretched out his right hand, put three fingers on the patient's left hand pulse door, and began to examine the patient's condition carefully with the standard Chinese medicine pulse posture. Seeing this, the experts immediately wanted to stop them. Chen Yang's act of ignoring them was really too bold. However, about two meters behind Chen Yang, they felt an invisible barrier and could no longer move forward even centimeters. This magical scene really shocked the experts of the Second People's Hospital of Panyu District. Some of them could not help exclaiming: "Is this Qigong?"? Now look, this young man seems to look familiar, but I don't know where I saw it. After the man said this, someone next to him immediately thought he looked familiar. Just a few seconds later, a middle-aged expert said excitedly: "I know this young man is a young man. He should be the miracle doctor in the live video in the United States, Mr. Chen Yang, the pride of our Chinese medical community." These people are so noisy, let Chen Yang feel a little annoyed, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,wire nail machine manufacturers, so he turned back to the crowd to do a "shush" action, the crowd understood, hurriedly silent. After Chen Yang's identity was recognized by them, these so-called medical experts dare not put on any big airs any more. At any time, people with strength will always be more respected. Chen Yang carefully checked the patient's condition with the True Qi of medicine. Chen Yang did not dare to use too much True Qi. Now the patient's body is very fragile. Even the mild True Qi of medicine may cause harm to him. However, it only took Chen Yang more than a minute to determine the patient's condition, which was completely consistent with Chen Yang's impression, and Chen Yang's technique of looking at Qi had already made the patient. The systemic symptoms of those infected with the s virus were all reflected in Chen Yang's mind, and with the information revealed from the patient's pulse condition, Chen Yang immediately had a way to deal with it. This sa The s virus is also really very unique, and can not be forcibly dispelled by the True Qi of medicine. But, sa The most serious part of the s virus is to destroy the human respiratory tract and cause great damage to the lungs of the human body, thus affecting the central system of the human body, causing disorders, and insufficient oxygen supply to the brain. Therefore, infected with sa The patient of s virus, the symptom that behaves in the exterior is to have a fever, coma to wait a moment, and may have life danger at any time. After understanding these symptoms, for how to treat, Chen Yang is already a few in mind, the symptoms and some of the heavy cold is very similar, or is a stronger version of the heavy cold, the key to treatment is still in the lungs, as long as the lungs are smooth, other aspects are minor problems, sitting with master-level medical skills, Chen Yang only spent a few minutes. The patient's present condition was clarified. Seeing a smile on Chen Yang's face, the leader-like expert who first spoke to Chen Yang said cautiously, "Doctor Chen, have you thought of how to treat this patient?" Chen Yang nodded and said with a smile, "Yes, but I need some help from you. Which one of you can decide?" The expert, who still looked like a leader, said, "Hello, Doctor Chen. I am the executive vice president of this hospital. I should be able to make the decision. You can call me Xiaohu." Vice President Hu looked at least fifty years old from the outside. He called himself Xiaohu in front of Chen Yang. Fortunately, Chen Yang's psychological endurance was strong, and now he had no time to haggle with him. So Chen Yang calmly said: "Then please send Vice President Hu to bring a set of needles and two or two Banlangen. That's all right, but as soon as possible." Vice President Hu listened very carefully and was very devoted, just like listening to the president presiding over the meeting, and even showed some intoxicated expression. He thought Chen Yang would say a long paragraph, did not expect Chen Yang just said so little content is not,Automatic Nail Making Machine, more than 10 seconds later, he reacted to come over, some surprised said: "finished?"? Is that all there is? 。