Emperor tyrant

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It can be said that Mei Suyao's trip to the south this time is very low-key, but she is famous all over the world

It can be said that Mei Suyao's trip to the south this time is very low-key, but she is famous all over the world, and is also known as the first beauty, even if a person like her is low-key, it will also attract the attention of others. Therefore, when Mei Suyao appeared, countless young talents rushed to see Mei Suyao's face. In the imperial world, I don't know how many people are fascinated by Mei Suyao, and I don't know how many young talents are willing to do anything to see Mei Suyao's face. Plum Fairy is charming. Seeing so many young talents chasing Mei Suyao, Ye Chuyun could not help saying with emotion. Li Qiye just smiled faintly and said, "Changhe Sect has produced beautiful women in the past Dynasties, and their charm is boundless.". Their first ancestor, the Sleeve Narcissus Emperor, is a peerless woman. It can be said that Changhe Zong has such details! Ye Chuyun could not help but agree. She had also heard some legends about the Sleeve Narcissus Emperor. It was said that it was popular in the nine realms and made all living beings fall down. Li Qiye and the two of them put the boat down. They were not slow, and finally arrived at the holy city. Before arriving at the holy city, Li Qiye and Ye Chuyun abandoned the boat and went ashore. (To be continued.) D40120B Chapter 945 Holy City. ? Overlooking the holy city The first thing you see is not the holy city, but the huge mountain range, and the holy city is built next to this huge mountain range. The holy city is huge, but before this huge mountain range, even the huge holy city is only a small corner, just like a small boat in the vast ocean. This huge mountain range, known as Fulong Mountain, stretches for millions of miles, like a dragon lying on the vast and boundless South Red Land. The holy city,best green coffee bean extract, simple and generous, seems to have experienced countless years of lewd immersion, in the long years passed, this ancient city is still standing. There is a saying in the imperial world that there is a holy city in the east and a holy city in the south. This means that there is a city in the east, and there is a holy city in the south. The Holy City was not called the Holy City a long time ago. It is said that the Holy City was called the Heavenly City a long time ago. Later, however, because the monks of the past did not dare to run wild and make trouble here, the ancient city became a peaceful place, so it was gradually called the Holy City. Standing outside the holy city,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, when overlooking the holy city, you will see that the holy city is not only simple and generous, but also in the sky of the Holy City, there are thousands of auspicious spirits. In the Holy City, from time to time, there is a treasure light shining directly into the sky. In the Holy city, from time to time, there is purple air soaring into the sky, condensing in the sky of the Holy City. Not to mention, in the Holy city, there are giant trees holding up the sky, green spots, and in the Holy There are palaces and towers, peaks and mountains floating over the holy city. In the holy city, there is no imperial immortal door, there is no such inheritance as one door, three emperors and so on, jujube seed powder ,turmeric extract powder, in fact. It is rare to hear people talking about sects in the holy city. At most, people talk about families, clans and so on. If it is outside, absolutely can not hear what peerless and invincible schools in the holy city, but also can not hear what the inheritance of the immortal emperor. But. It is a big mistake to say that you despise the Holy City because of this! The Holy City, which is the gathering place of the human race, is known as the largest gathering place of the human race in the imperial world with Donglin City. But it's not just a Terran gathering place. At the same time, the Holy City is also the gathering place of the oldest families and the oldest families. Although, in the holy city, you can't hear the famous imperial immortal gate, nor can you hear any invincible sect, occasionally, you can only hear some words like Gao Jia! But. People who know the holy city know that many ancient families in the holy city have been standing for countless years, and they are even older than many of the imperial immortals. Legend has it that for millions of years, many immortal emperors have come to the holy city, and when many immortal emperors come to the holy city, they do not display the power of the immortal emperor. It's all ordinary gestures coming in. Even if the immortal emperor came, he did not disturb the tranquility of the land. After the immortal emperor came to the holy city. All come to look at the relics of the sages' faces! It is precisely because of this, this makes the holy city has always been very calm, even if there are grudges people will not fight in the holy city, will choose to resolve the grudges outside the holy city! The Holy City is backed by Fulong Mountain. If you stand in front of the gate of the Holy City and look out, you will see the rolling mountains in the distance. These mountains are magnificent and extremely rich. Whoever it is. As long as you look at the rolling mountains, you will have a feeling of suffocation. I felt that the undulating mountains were very heavy on everyone's heart. These undulating mountains are the Shenzhan Mountain, which is talked about by the world. It is said that Shenzhan once took place here! Overlooking the holy city, Li Qiye could not help sighing gently, and then looking back at Shenzhan Mountain, Li Qiye's heart was even heavier. Back then, after World War I, there were rivers of blood and mountains of corpses. Finally, the nine realms ushered in the dawn, and the ancient Ming era finally came to an end. Looking at all the generals and sages who had come out alive from this bloody battle, at that time, his heart was heavy and he said, "Where are you going?" After a silence, some war generals and sages said they were willing to follow his footsteps, and some war generals and sages said they wanted to retire and return home. Finally, some sages and war generals said: "We are willing to stay here, guarding this piece of heaven and earth, guarding the last dawn of the imperial world!" From then on, this part of the remaining sages will take root here, where the branches and leaves, since then, in this piece of ruins built a huge ancient city, known as Shoutian City! It was not until a long time later that the city was slowly called the Holy City! Looking back on Shenzhan Mountain, Li Qiye's heart was even heavier, and the taste was not good. At that time, how many brilliant geniuses followed him, and how many invincible sages fought side by side with him. However, how many people died there, the peerless goddess, the favored son of heaven, the supreme sages. One after another fell, one after another, one after another fell in front of his chariot,stesweet stevia, it is because of one after another sages to clear the way, it is because they shed their blood, in order to block the ancient Ming round after round of storm!. prius-biotech.com