Picked up the sick prince

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"Can Ah Yun understand what it means?" Yu Qiao was held motionless, but looking at the stone's eyes is a little cold,

"Can Ah Yun understand what it means?" Yu Qiao was held motionless, but looking at the stone's eyes is a little cold, people for unknown things, always alert and alert, not to mention Yu Qiao so value Xie Yun. The stone was kicked away, rolled back by itself, and began to hit Xie Yun again. Xie Yun gently nodded, it seems that he can not understand is very strange, he hugged Yu Qiao slightly low eyes to see it, "go to the edge, I only hold my a Qiao.." His focus is totally different from that of Yu Qiao. But that stone is to recognize Xie Yun, where Xie Yun goes, where it rolls, even on the steps, it can jump up by itself. Is it because of Kirin Pei? Yu Qiao said, took Xie Yun's jade pendant on her own body, but the stone still did not change the person who hit, is to recognize Xie Yun, may be tired of hitting, it changed to rub people, dilly-dally, seems to be acting like a spoiled child. Do not know why, obviously is a stone, Yu Qiao looked at but felt a bit like Xie Yun. The land of southern Xinjiang does have some magic, such as their totems, such as their magic, and all kinds of strange non-human things. Can you see similar things in the holy land of southern Xinjiang? Ali took the medicine out and saw Yu Qiao ask him like this. He looked at it for a while before he suddenly clung to what happened to Xie Yun, who was clinging to Yu Qiao. Xie Yun took Ali's medicine,cosmetic tube, a stuffy into, and then forced to let go of Yu Qiao, sat on one side of the grass, began to breathe, and the stone finally jumped to Xie Yun's legs, Xie Yun squinted for a while, or chose to embrace it, and then he and the stone eggs are motionless. Ali withdrew his eyes and looked at Yu Qiao in a slightly surprised tone. "Beautiful brother is very popular with the pets of the elders in the Holy Land." Southern Xinjiang holy land is isolated from the outside world, where almost every family will raise some strange living things, some are more lovely,eye cream packing tube, but most of them are ferocious, but in front of Xie Yun are exceptions, especially obedient, that is, those pets of Saiwa are the same, one by one in front of Xie Yun, without exception, all betrayed the Lord. Then this may be some bird's egg. In short, it is alive, otherwise the stone will not favor Xie Yun, after recalling the old lady also said to her, Xie Yun has been very attractive to small animals since childhood, but even so, there should be a deeper reason. Ali crouched in front of Xie Yun and looked at the stone egg for a while, but he didn't see anything, and Xie Yun could not be disturbed this time. Yu Qiao also sat beside Xie Yun, and then asked Ali softly, "How long will it take?" Ali looked at Xie Yun again, "at least two hours." Give Xie Yun medication is the best, plastic laminted tube ,cosmetic tube packaging, this bowl of medicine to drink, will completely solve the problem of the chest, at the same time his skill is estimated to have a breakthrough. Well, "Yu Qiao nodded, and then did not speak again, so looking at Xie Yun, focused and gentle, and Xie Yun together Yu Qiao, and changed to three years ago, steady but still gentle, even though she was still wearing that very distant fox mask.". Yu Qiao and Ali close guard, Qin Shu and big fat they spread out, will Xie Yun outside the body to protect tightly, these already do not need Yu Qiao to order again, this is their duty, has long been experienced out. Princess, the elder is already outside the flower field, but. Big fat came from a distance and told Yu Qiao that he was not fat for a long time, but he was still strong and looked like a meat mountain, which was quite intimidating, but people close to him still called Xie Yun his nickname. Yu Qiao looked away from Xie Yun and got up slowly. "Please come here." This place is open, in addition to the rattan chair swing, and then the flower field of poisonous flowers and insects, Yu Qiao did not intend to talk to the elder in the inner room, she can receive her premise is that Xie Yun in her line of sight, Xie Yun sitting on the grass, they to the rattan chair under the shade of the Chinese parasol tree, only about ten steps away. Big fat obeyed Yu Qiao's order naturally and turned to bring in the big elder. Please, "Yu Qiao pointed to the position opposite her.". Big elder nodded, also not polite, sat down, but then two people fell into silence, big elder and Yu Qiao did not speak again for the first time. The elder's eyes naturally fell on Yu Qiao, as if he wanted to see something, but finally he shook his head gently, "Ming people don't say secret words, adults are ghost fox generals, I don't know why adults come here?" "What do you call the Great Elder?" Yu Qiao is not surprised that she saw through her identity, this fox mask, is almost her symbol, but this big elder is not because of this mask and guess her identity, earlier, she knew Yu Qiao will come. If you don't mind, you can call me Zuo Po. "The elder Zuo Po replied to Yu Qiao." I got the news that the head of the Jiaowei tribe wanted to seize the land of Youshui in the south of me. I couldn't jump to a conclusion, so I made this trip. Zuo Po's attitude is good, Yu Qiao's words are also clear, her words come out, that Zuo Po Leng Leng, then laughed. Chu is the overlord of one side. How can we shake the poor people in the mountains? Besides, there is General Ghost Fox guarding the border. This must be a misunderstanding. She hesitated again, and then went on, "It was my idea for Saiwa to choose her husband." I just didn't expect her. She didn't expect that her idea would end up killing Saiwa. It was false to say that she didn't mind, but she was a patriarch after all. She had to consider the interests of her people. No matter Yu Qiao or Xie Yun, they could not afford to offend the Jiaowei tribe. She covets me. Madam first. Yu Qiao spoke of this without the slightest guilty conscience, although people were killed by Xie Yun, but also should die. Madam He's not a superior emissary. Zuo Po did not dare to offend Yu Qiao because of her identity as the deputy commander in chief of Nanchu, and did not dare to expose Xie Yun because of his identity as an emissary of the superior clan. Yu Qiao did not answer her question directly, her eyes swept to Xie Yun, visibly softer, "We have been married,aluminium laminated tube, is husband and wife." What's more, although Xie Yun came back from the Holy Land, he was not the emissary of their ancestors in southern Xinjiang. He was the real prince of the heavenly family in southern Chu. Zuo Po smiled when she heard this. "That's true." She presided over the wedding ceremony. emptycosmetictubes.com