Trapped dragon ascends to heaven

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When Ouyang Longxiang saw his sister pulling Shuyi away from Tianyu as if she was running for her life

When Ouyang Longxiang saw his sister pulling Shuyi away from Tianyu as if she was running for her life, he couldn't help saying to Tianyu, "This is really one thing for another. That little girl is loved and feared by others. Only you can subdue her." Tianyu says: "You this little younger sister, can also be very charming" two people laughed to each other. After laughing for a while, Long Xiang said to Tianyu, "Let's go to play a few games in the evening. What do you say?" Tianyu said, "Well, just get some money. I saw your sister's eyes pulling Shuyi away. It was clearly the eyes that wanted me to bleed heavily." Ouyang Longxiang could not help but raise his thumb and said to Tianyu, "No wonder you can get Meimei so quickly. If you have a skill, when you are free, you can teach your eldest brother." Tianyu proudly said, "Sure, sure, I dare not preach. We two brothers learn from each other. Jinmao Club is known as the most luxurious club in Shanghai. Of course, there are all kinds of entertainment equipment in it. Gambling is a favorite thing for men. How can it not be there? Long Xiang took Tianyu to a room and went in. It turned out that there was another world inside. Long Xiang and Tianyu came to a box that looked very luxurious from the outside, and the sound inside could not come out at all. Ouyang Longxiang pushed open the door. There were four people playing cards inside. When the people inside saw Longxiang coming in, they said the same thing: "So it's San Shao." One of them stood up and said: "San Shao, I just have something to do. Come and play. Boss Chen,spill plastic pallet, Boss Zhong, Boss Wang, we'll play later." Longxiang was embarrassed to say to the person who stood up: "Boss Su, you're too polite. You play it again and again, and I'll just watch it. "Liu Tianyu thought to one side." It's really fake. "There is no way," Su said hurriedly. "I really have something to do. I am still anxious that no one will replace me. I want to stand up, but I am afraid that the three bosses will say that you came quickly and in time. I also want to thank you." Liu Tianyu has positioned in his heart that this person is a flatterer. After Boss Su left,plastic trash bins, Ouyang Longxiang said to Tianyu that these three were all big bosses. This was Boss Chen, who made quite a lot of wood. Boss Chen also stood up and said, "In front of San Shao, who dares to say that his business is big?" Ouyang Longxiang said: "That is the support of the seniors, I really dare not." Then he said to Tianyu: "This is Boss Zhong, who is engaged in the pharmaceutical business. Tianyu, you know that it is a very profitable industry." Of course, that one also said a few words modestly. The last Tianyu also knew that he was engaged in the aquatic products business, and probably had a lot of money. Finally, Ouyang Longxiang said, "This is my friend." He did not say anything in front of outsiders. Of course, every businessman knows what he said. Three people heard that Tianyu was a friend of Longxiang, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet bin, but also Longxiang personally accompanied him to play, must be a business rookie, but he had not heard of it. When Tianyu saw them doing it, he was even better than himself. Finally, the introduction is over. Ouyang Longxiang said: "Today, I am here to play with my friend, he is not very good at playing, you predecessors let him ah!" The three of them, of course, agreed without a word. Liu Tianyu thought to himself: "It would be strange to promise!" Next, Liu Tianyu's performance made them drop their glasses, because there were people like Ouyang Longxiang around them. Liu Tianyu had a pretty good idea. Occasionally, he deliberately lost a few pennies. But if everyone's cards were very good, and his own cards were the best, then Liu Tiantian would try his best to add money. In this way, he earned 15 million yuan in less than an hour. Liu Tianyu thought to himself, "These people are really rich. The one who does medicine business seems to have lost more than 7 million yuan, but he doesn't blush." Of course, Liu Tianyu is guaranteed to win. He knows the other side's cards. Can't he win? In this way, the three of them are puzzled, sometimes their outside cards are very good, but the bottom cards are very bad, but the guy seems to know that his plan of empty gloves and white wolves has failed repeatedly. The loser is a mess. The three men looked at each other and stood up and said, "San Shao, your friend's gambling skills are so strong. We three old men dare not gamble with him. It's too strong. San Shao, when did you have a friend with such strong gambling skills?" The three men knew that they had lost nearly 15 million yuan. Now they proposed not to play, and San Shao would not do anything. They dare not only lose one or two million and want to leave, that only Ouyang Longxiang has this qualification. Long Xiang is also very polite to say: "That is the three predecessors, Tianyu you say is not?" Tianyu nodded and said, "That's natural, otherwise how can I be the opponent of the three bosses?" A big bet finally ended. Liu Tianyu gave Long Xiang a check of 10 million yuan and said, "Big brother, my little brother took 5 million yuan, and the 10 million yuan belongs to you." Long Xiang said, "It's wrong for you to say that. It's all your bet. Why did you give me the money?" Tianyu said, "I know that if the three old guys are not for your sake, that man will bet with me."? This or I have the cheek to take 5 million, that 10 million say what also want to belong to eldest brother you "Ouyang Longxiang said:" You take it, eldest brother is not short of this money. " Tianyu was determined to refuse, so Ouyang Longxiang said: "Don't say it. Well, brother,heavy duty plastic pallet, you don't have any company yet. I opened a company for you with 10 million yuan. The profits generated every year are also a source of stable economy for you." Liu Tianyu guessed from the voice of others that Ouyang Feixiang was probably very good at business. Liu Tianyu agreed with both hands. Then the money will become living money. Liu Tianyu believes that the 10 million will certainly become more than 10 million, and he is really a traitor. Of course, the mouth is more non-stop thanks.