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China PolyuChina Polyurethane Glue manufacturersChina Polyurethane Glue manufacturersrethane Glue manufacturers

China Polyurethane Glue manufacturers Glue for Rubber Granules Product Description Simple component polyurethane adhesive is suitable for the paving of stadiums and sports fields. It has good adhesive property to cement and asphalt. The product has the advantages of uniform color, good elasticity, strong shock-absorbing, non-toxic green and elegant appearance. The important indicators of plastic track are buffering, noise reducing, elongation break, tensile strength and peel strength. The key point of ensuring the above performance indexes are equal scattering of filler, polyether, DOP, etc. And rational matching of curing agent. The product can be applied to the production of ventilation plastic track and safety matting. Before cross linking curing, the adhesive has the advantages of low viscosity, good mixing ability, non-stick to construction equipment, easy construction, lower usage of organic solvents and cost savings. The greatest advantages of the product are good elasticity, high rebounding rate, more comfortable foot-feeling and more excellent sports performance! Using Guidelines 鈼? The float ash and moisture should be removed from the cement ground, and the surface should be kept clean and dry; 鈼? The EPDM granules and adhesives should be weighed to scale (also could be approximately weighed by vessel) and poured into the blender. The best stirring time should be about 5 minutes; 鈼? It should be poured into the construction site after stirring and evened by handwork trowel or professional pave (full compaction is the best); 鈼? Ethyl acetate solvent could be used for tool cleaning. Curing The curing time of adhesives is 8-36 hours, which is affected by weather factors. If accelerated curing is required, the catalyst can be used. The dosage of catalyst could be in ratio of 1%-3%1T.The higher dosage, the shorter curing time. Storage Storage: it should be stored in dry and ventilated indoor warehouses; Shelf life: 180days at normal temperature(5-30掳C)and 90days at temperature above 30掳C; Package: Net weight 14kg/Barrel Announcements The glue buckets with left glue should be sealing preserved to prevent moisture after each usage.China Polyurethane Glue manufacturers website: